The A. S. Neill Centre

(A dedicated space to enable greater outreach and the promotion of Summerhill values)

Donate Planned facilities: Foyer / Entrance area, Office, Conference Room, Study Room, Archives’ and Artefacts’ Room, Summerhill Shop, Dedicated Storage Areas, (It is hoped that funds would enable us to provide accommodation for a researcher in residence as well.)

Purpose: Why do we want to build the A. S. Neill Centre?

  1. To create an accessible Centre for short or long-term research by individuals and/or groups.
  2. To accommodate, at the Centre, events and courses for specific groups, led/run by the school community.
  3. To collate an accessible archive of materials reflecting the breadth of writings of/and about A. S. Neill and the practice of Summerhill School.
  4. To provide a designated space to support the principles of the A. S. Neill Summerhill Trust.
  5. To facilitate visitors who have an ‘interest’ in Summerhill School.
  6. To provide a hub for actively promoting links/networking with universities, research bodies and schools, locally, nationally and internationally.

Importance: local, national and international level (naturally in some cases these may overlap)

Purpose on a local level:

  • To offer a base which small groups of local students can visit to support their curricular studies, particularly Citizenship Studies.
  • To offer a ‘sanctuary space off-site’ for Leiston students in their exam studies, a place for reflection and discussion.
  • To create a focal point highlighting to the Leiston community the international significance of Neill.
  • To offer a meeting space for local History groups, enabling them to understand the significance of Summerhill as a place of learning and its impact on the education system.
  • To provide space to host ongoing programmes of talks and workshops.
  • To offer a base for for courses / discussions with Summerhill parents.

Purpose on a national level:

  • To organise or host conferences at Summerhill, particularly relevant to teachers in training.
  • To support new alternative/democratic education startups, state school practices from this base.
  • To share our practice: international conference / gathering / meeting or online hub for courses.

Purpose on an international level:

  • To provide an information Centre for visitors, lessening the impact upon on the day-to-day running of the school community (We have three General Visitors’ Days on an annual basis, that is about 200-250 people. Alongside these visitors, individuals and groups also visit on separate occasions because of our connections/established links with other school communities.)
  • To provide a group space for those participating in International Schools’ Week.
  • To support new alternative/democratic education startups, state school practices more effectively using the Centre to establish an online platform.