List of books by A.S. Neill

A Dominie's Log

Herbert Jenkins, 1916; Hart, 1975

A Dominie Dismissed

Herbert Jenkins, 1917; Hart, 1975

A Booming of Bunkie

fiction, Herbert Jenkins, 1919

A Dominie in Doubt

Herbert Jenkins, 1921; Hart, 1975

Carroty Broon

fiction, Herbert Jenkins, 1921

A Dominie Abroad

Herbert Jenkins, 1923

A Dominie's Five

fiction, Herbert Jenkins, 1924

The Problem Child

Herbert Jenkins, 1926; McBride, 1928

The Problem Parent

Herbert Jenkins, 1932

Is Scotland Educated?

Routledge, 1936

That Dreadful School

Herbert Jenkins, 1937

Last Man Alive

A Story for Children from the Age of Seven to Seventy, Herbert Jenkins, 1939; Gollancz, 1970

The Problem Teacher

Herbert Jenkins, 1939; International Universities Press, 1946

Hearts Not Heads in the School

Herbert Jenkins, 1945

The Problem Family

Herbert Jenkins, 1949; Hermitage Press, 1949

The Free Child

Herbert Jenkins, 1953


Gollancz, 1962; Penguin, 1968; Hart 1960

Freedon not License!

Hart 1966

Talking of Summerhill

Gollancz, 1967

Neill! Neill! Orange Peel!

A Personal View of Ninety Years, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1973; Quartet, 1977. ISBN 0 297 76554 X

All The Best, Neill, Letters From Summerhill

Jonathan Croall (ed.), Andre Deutsch, 1983. ISBN 0 233 97594 2

The New Summerhill

Albert Lamb (ed.), Penguin Education, 1992. ISBN 0-14-016783-8

Summerhill and A.S.Neill

Edited by Mark Vaughan. Open University Press 2006. Contributions from Zoë Readhead and Ian Stronach. Introduction by Tim Brighouse. ISBN-10: 0 335 21913 6


Books about Neill & Summerhill

Neill of Summerhill, The Permanent Rebel

Jonathan Croall, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983. ISBN 0-7100-9300-4

Neill & Summerhill, A Man and His Work

A pictorial study by John Walmsley, Penguin Education, 1969

Fifty Years of Freedom

A. S. Neill and the Evolution of the Summerhill Idea - Ray Hemmings, Allen & Unwin 1972

Summerhill, A Loving World

Photographs by Herb Snitzer, Macmillan, 1964

Record of a Friendship

The Correspondence of Wilhelm Reich and A. S. Neill - Beverley R. Placzek (ed.), Gollancz, 1981. ISBN 0 575 03054 2

Inside Summerhill

Photographs by Joshua Popenoe, Hart, 1969

Summerhill: For and Against

Assessments of A. S. Neill - Harold Hart (ed.), Hart, 1970; Angus & Robertson, 1973 (includes essays by Bruno Bettleheim, John Holt, Sylvia Ashton- Warner, Paul Goodman, Fred Hechinger, Erich Fromm).

Summerhill Diary

Bjarne Segefjord, Gollancz, 1971

Free Range Childhood

Matthew Appleton, Gale Centre Pulications, 2002; Solomon Press, 2000. ISBN 1870258460

Alexander S. Neill

Axel D. Kuhn, Rowholt, Germany. ISBN 3-499-50549-5

Real Education, Varieties of Freedom

David Gribble, Lib Ed, 1998. ISBN 0 9513997 5 6

Inspecting the Island

a Novel based on Summerhill - Hylda Sims, Seven-Ply Yarns, 2000. ISBN 0-9538797-0-4

After Summerhill

What happened to the pupils of Britain's most radical school? By Hussein Lucas 2011 ISBN: 978-1-84289-052-3 Herbert Adler Publishing

Summerhill Hoy

de Zoë Neill Readhead. Por fin, el libro mas actual sobre la escuela traducido al espanol."Summerhill today", Zoë Neill Readhead. Finally, the most recent book about Summerhill translated into Spanish.