What are the steps to follow when enrolling my child?

Parents are required to read the latest book; "Summerhill and A S Neill," edited by Mark Vaughan OBE with chapters by A S Neill, Zoë Neill Readhead, Professor Ian Stronach and Tim Brighouse. Published by Open University Press. ISBN 0-335-21913-6.

Summerhill has an age limit. This is 11 years old at present. So children who would be over 11 at the start of the term would not, normally, be eligible.

Call the office and request information which includes: background questionnaire, application form, fees list, terms and conditions and a school booklet.

Visit the school. Call the office to find out the days set aside for Visitors and Prospective Parents. You will be given a guided tour, meet staff members and pupils and attend a Summerhill Meeting.

Once you return the necessary forms and have visited the school, Summerhill will then review your application.