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Summerhill & A.S.Neill

Price: £23

Donate to Summerhill School
£5 will buy some materials for a child to make things in woodwork.
£10 will enable a child to go to the cinema and have some popcorn too!
£25 means a child can join their friends on a school trip.
£50 will pay for two extra-curricular lessons.
£100 will pay for travel costs incurred by the External Affairs Committee during their promotion of Summerhill & the ideas/philosophies of A. S. Neill.
£1,000 will provide assistance over two terms for parents who are struggling to pay their child's school fees.

£ e.g. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1,000

Postage and packing
UK Only:
£3.00 P&P.
£6.00 P&P.
Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery, especially for items going overseas.